About Us

JW2John A. Williams, managing partner of Labor Union Consultants (LUC), has a 39 year track record as an effective union representative. In his career with the Teamsters Union, he has been an organizer, business representative, local union executive, and director of a national division. He has dealt with a wide spectrum of private and public sector union representation issues. He also has extensive experience in matters of union health and welfare and pension trusts.

LUC has assembled a team of experts that will provide direct assistance to union officials and representatives across the country. LUC will recommend the most qualified individuals based on specific project needs and geography. Complete resume information and references will be provided.

Following are two of the consultants on the LUC team:


Heather Weiner brings 20 years of experience in building political movements, public and internal communications, and government affairs. From raising Political Action Committee funds to allocating them effectively on union supported initiatives and candidates, she knows how to maximize labor’s political influence. As a former legislative counsel for environmental groups and as the recent Political Director for the Washington Teamsters, she brings a wealth of experience in coalition building and public advocacy campaigns.



Joe Tessier started his career as a Union Representative with Teamsters Local Union 117 in 1985. He served for 12 years as a Business Representative responsible for shop visitations, grievance processing, and contract negotiation for members in a wide variety of jurisdictions. He went on to become Director of Collective Bargaining/Lead Negotiator, President and in 2005 Executive Director of the 17,000 member Local (second largest in the Teamsters Union). In the position of Executive Director, Joe was responsible for the direction of a staff of 44 and the day-to-day operation of the Local whose members are located across the State of Washington. In addition to his Local 117 responsibilities, Joe was also a Trustee on numerous Taft-Hartley trust funds and President of the Teamsters Building Association, the owner and landlord of the Teamsters Building in Seattle.